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Stargate Megaways At BetMGM Brings The Sun God Ra Down To Earth

This slot gives players a chance to buy their way into the interstellar portal




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Do I remember watching the movie Stargate?

I mean, I definitely saw it. It came out in 1994, and it was followed by sequels and a TV show, and I know I didn’t watch them, so I guess I wasn’t all that impressed with the Kurt Russell and James Spader flick.

To nutshell, courtesy of IMDb: An interstellar teleportation device, found in Egypt, leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra.

Oh right! The god Ra, as played by Jaye Davidson? Big break came in 1992’s The Crying Game, which featured one of cinema’s all-time twists. I mean, it was a talker back then. Honestly, I don’t even want to spoil it. It was … it was a lot. I’ll leave it at that. Good movie, though, and Davidson actually got an Oscar nomination for the role.

Anyway … Stargate. It’s an online slot! And it’s a Megaways! And you can play it at the online casino home of BetMGM! And I don’t know why I’m screaming!


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Let’s just enter our interstellar teleportation device and whisk ourselves away to a time before time, where space travel and Egypt and …

Oh nevermind. Here we go.

The facts

The game, from Light & Wonder, is a classic Megaways operation, with the reels maxing out at 6×7 and more than 117,000 possible winning combinations.

Want to win? Start getting at least three symbols left to right. Davidson’s character is worth the most, followed by Russell’s and Spader’s. (Davidson must have a heck of an agent to get top billing here.) From there, it’s spaceship thingee, pyramid, and classic Egyptian A-9 symbols (of course).

There’s some gold amulet type thing that doubles as a wild, so that’s nice.

But to win real money, you have to follow the trail that’s off to the left hand side. As it’s a Megaways slot, each cascading win replaces the winning symbols with new symbols. Win seven times in a row, you trigger the bonus round — free spins — though you can get up to nine consecutive victories (more free spins). Also, if you win five times in a row, you unlock a modifier for the remainder of the spins, which could be random wilds, more symbols, mystery symbols, or a brand new board.

Once you get to the bonus game — which can also be purchased, at 46.5x your bet for the base level bonus game — you get to pick a handful of random modifiers. You may win extra money, may get a multiplier, may get a bunch of wilds. Plenty of options.

And that’s about that. While you won’t actually travel via interstellar portal, you do get to spin the wheel for as little as 20 cents, so that’s cool.

Look and feel

Spacey, in a word, and not Kevin. The sounds are straight out of your new age chiropractor’s office, and the graphics have that cool blue feel associated with aliens and space and interstellar travel.

The bonus game really lays it on, with all manner of exploding stars and whooshes and whirrzies and whaooees.

The results

Well, we all know I was going to spin like two times before I bought myself a bonus round, right? And … I crapped out. My $9.30 investment yielded $2.82. And then I spun that $2.82 into oblivion, trying — and failing — to capture the bonus the old-fashioned way.

Alas, I only got to level three. Didn’t even tease it.

Verdict? Megaways is fun, and the bonus round is cool, and if you liked the movie — or sequels, or TV show, or anything else associated with the franchise — then you’ll probably like this game.