Michigan Live Dealer Games – The Complete 2020 Guide

Online casinos, equipped with mega-popular Live Dealer games, are on their way to Michigan. Live Dealer games have the unique ability to bring the complete casino experience right to your computer, phone, or tablet — real dealers, real cards, and real personal interactions.

This page will touch on every aspect of Live Dealer casino gaming in the state of Michigan. We’ll cover the basics of Live Dealer play, the types of games offered, discuss timelines, where you can play, and how to hit the tables.

When will Live Dealer casino games launch in Michigan?

Online casinos are expected to launch in Michigan during the first half of 2021. It’s possible things could come together sooner (or later, for that matter), but that’s what the current signs point towards. It’s likely that the initial casino rollouts won’t include Live Dealer games. Live Dealer requires quite a bit of extra infrastructure including a secure streaming studio which can take time to set up.

For comparison, U.S. iGaming pioneer New Jersey first launched online casinos in 2013, but didn’t offer Live Dealer games until 2016. Similarly, Pennsylvania welcomed its first online casinos in July 2019, and is still waiting for its live casinos. While it’s unlikely to take years, we wanted readers to be aware that there could be a delay in Michigan as well. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Which MI online casinos will offer Live Dealer games?

It’s a safe bet that all of the major online casinos that open in Michigan will feature Live Dealer games, including:

Most of these companies already offer Live Dealer games in the state of New Jersey in some form or fashion, and they are on the way to Michigan. We will update this section accordingly as casinos officially confirm their presence in the state, and their participation in Live Dealer gaming.

What is a Live Dealer game?

Live Dealer games are just that – an online casino game that’s officiated by a real, living dealer. Casinos that offer them will set up professionally produced and monitored studios solely for their live games. The dealer oversees the table, which is broadcast through a live stream with online players making choices in real time.

While all online casino games operate using a random number generator that’s been tirelessly tested, Live Dealer games bring things back to basics with a real person running the show. It’s more tangible – you can see the cards, chat with fellow players, ask the dealer questions – all from your couch.

The only thing missing is the chips, all bets are placed digitally.

Why play on Live Dealer tables?

Live Dealer games are the perfect marriage of online efficiency and the personal touch of brick-and-mortar gaming. Most of the advantages are readily apparent when compared to standard B+M casino gaming:


  • Fast: With no chips to mess with you can place a bet with the tap of a finger or the click of a mouse.
  • Social: Use the chat window to talk with fellow players and the dealer. This level of interaction just isn’t available at standard online casino tables.
  • Flexible: Play from anywhere in the state of Michigan. As long as you’re in the state, you can play. While Michigan is well stocked with retail casinos, you just can’t beat the convenience of mobile.
  • Lower Limits: Betting limits are going to be far lower than you’ll find in a casino.
  • Side Bets: Since it’s all calculated automatically online, Live Dealer games have a lot more side bet options than you’ll find at a traditional table, playing in-person.

While there are a ton of pros, there are still some cons to take into consideration. Most of them come through comparisons to traditional online casino games, sans the Live Dealer:


  • Pricing and Rules: When compared to other online casino options, you’re going to be paying a bit of a luxury tax to engage in Live Dealer games. General rules may not be the most player-friendly.
  • Availability: Live Dealer games require a full staff of casino employees to run, so they won’t be available around the clock. In other states, NJ for example, they’re usually running from 11am – 3am. This likely wouldn’t be an issue for most gamblers, but if you’re an early riser you may have to make other plans.
  • Pace: While the pace of play is faster than a traditional B+M casino, it’s going to be significantly slower than other online casino games without the Live Dealer. You’ll have to give more time on each hand, spin, or roll for other customers to lay down a bet.

Live Casinos on Mobile

Live Dealer casino games will be fully accessible from mobile devices. After launch it will be possible to pull out your phone, load the online app of your choosing, and sit down at a Live Dealer table. These designated casino apps are optimized to work on all major tech platforms including both iOS and Android phones and tablets. The wonders of technology!

When browsing an online casino app, keep a look out for a clearly marked Live Dealer section. It won’t be hard to find.

Available Live Dealer Games

The MI Live Dealer gaming catalog will be slightly limited when compared to a typical online casino. Since they require man power and physical space to produce, operators have to make tough choices on what they can offer. While Live Dealer games in New Jersey are powered by studios like Ezugi and Evolution Gaming, we don’t know exactly how Michigan will shape up.

With that being said, all of the most popular games that make sense in a Live Dealer format should arrive in the state of Michigan. Including:


We list blackjack first because to put it simply, it’s really popular. In both retail and online formats, gamblers around the world flock to blackjack tables. The game translates really well from the players perspective to a Live Dealer format. It’s easy to place bets, ask the dealer questions, chat with your fellow players, etc.

The only downside of Live Dealer blackjack is on the casino side: it takes up a lot of space. While some games, like roulette for example, can support an indefinite number of bettors on one wheel – each hand of blackjack is unique for the player, requiring multiple decisions. Generally speaking, each player requires their own hand at the table, which in turn necessitates an actual seat at the Live Dealer table. Since casinos have a finite amount of space in their streaming studio, it can be an issue.

Casinos have started to figure out workarounds for this problem though. In New Jersey, the two major studios at the Golden Nugget and the Hard Rock have come up with innovative solutions that we expect will make their way to Michigan in some capacity.

Hard Rock allows customers to choose a player and bet behind them. Unfortunately you have no say over how your chosen player executes the hand, so you need to have faith that they’ll play with proper strategy. On the plus side, it gets more bettors involved at a single table. If you back a player that gets hot, it can be a really fun and social experience.

The Golden Nugget uses a different blackjack game type entitled Live Unlimited Blackjack. The slightly modified version of the game cuts down on the number of choices you can make during a hand, but allows for an unlimited number of players to pack on to a single table.


Roulette is a really social game by nature. Getting an energetic table and betting together can be a really enjoyable experience… one which can be appreciated online through Live Dealer offerings. At a traditional online roulette table you place your bets, the random number generator spins the wheel, and you either win or lose. It’s pretty straight forward, but lacks pizazz while playing solo. Live Dealer roulette brings the social aspect back into the equation.

It’s common for casinos to offer multiple Live Dealer roulette options. There will typically be a standard version of the game featuring an actual dealer. However, there are some automated versions that run 24/7. There’s not a human being spinning the wheel, but instead there’s a video feed of a machine that automatically spins at regular intervals. While you lose dealer interaction, you gain some flexibility on time, and can still chat with your table-mates.

Notably, most Live Dealer roulette games are going to be in the ‘American’ style, featuring a wheel with both 0 and 00. Because it has both, the overall expected return won’t be as high as it is on both French or European Roulette tables which have just a single 0 space. French and Euro-versions of roulette are often available in non-Live Dealer formats.

Poker Games

Inside Michigan Live Dealer casinos bettors are also likely to see versions of their favorite poker-based table games like:

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Three Card Poker

If you’re looking for player-vs-player online poker games, those will be separate. It’s worth mentioning that the state of Michigan has also legalized online poker and will be launching sites in the near future.


Baccarat is another popular casino game and is commonly spread in Live Dealer studios. It’s easy to learn and simple to play, with participants having just three options to choose from on a given hand. After being dealt two cards it’s all about who gets closer to the elusive 9.

Bet with the “player” – the “banker” – or for a “tie“… and that’s pretty much it! While the point of entry prices for baccarat in a brick-and-mortar setting may be a little pricey, we expect Michiganders will be able to play for as little as $1 per hand with online Live-Dealer play.

And More…

While the aforementioned games may be some of the most popular offerings, they won’t be the only offerings. Games like Craps, Caribbean Stud, and even Live Slots could be in the cards for Michigan. We’re excited to see what the operators bring to the table and will update accordingly as

Michigan Live Dealer FAQ

When Will Live Dealer games be available in Michigan?

Michigan online casinos are expected to start accepting wagers in 2021. Expect Live Dealer games to follow a few months after the initial launch. We will update the potential timeline as soon as more information is made available.

What games can I play with a Live Dealer?

A lot of the most common traditional casino games will be available including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker related games. Additional offerings like Craps and Live Slots are also expected.

Are Live Dealer casino games safe?

Live Dealer games are 100% safe. They’re regulated, like all other iGaming in the state, by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Playing a Live Dealer game is no less secure than taking a seat at a retail casino and playing there.

Are Live Dealer games available throughout Michigan?

Once launched they absolutely will be. As long as you’re in the state, including the Upper Peninsula, you can play.

Can you play free Live Dealer games?

While we don’t know for sure since they haven’t officially launched, it’s unlikely that free to play Live Dealer games will be available in Michigan. Generally speaking Live Dealer games cost the casino money to facilitate, so it’s unlikely that they will offer them if they can’t recoup a rake.

Is Michigan the only state that offers Live Dealer casino games?

No it’s not. New Jersey was the first U.S. state to launch with Live Dealer games back in 2016. There’s been a lot of chatter in Pennsylvania, specifically surrounding Parx, but wagers have not commenced in the state yet. We’ll see if they can beat Michigan to the punch.

Are Live Dealer games available 24/7?

While we won’t know for sure until they arrive, we can say it’s unlikely that they’ll run around the clock. In New Jersey most Live Dealer games are available for the majority of the day, 11am – 3am, with just a few off hours late at night and early in the morning.

Can you play in a Live Casino from a mobile device?

Yes you can. You can play Live Dealer games from your phone or tablet with both iOS and Android devices.