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Michigan Instant Lottery: Bonus Codes & Regulated Instant Games





Instant win games were among the first games launched when the Michigan online lottery dropped in August 2014, and to this day remain the bread and butter of the site. Michigan’s instant win library has swelled to over 50 games, with new products added on the regular.

Spanning reveal games like King of Clubs, line games such as Volcano!, and collect-style games like the popular Cash Buster series, instant wins are best described as the online equivalents of retail scratch-off tickets. But in reality they’re so much more, affording players a slew of advantages and more complex gameplay that they won’t find at brick and mortar outlets.

In the sections that follow we take a deep dive into this compelling new format, including information on how Michigan residents 18 years of age and older can get to playing them today.


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T&Cs Apply

Signing up to play Michigan instant lottery games

The journey from sign-up to playing real-money instant win games on the Michigan online lottery site is hardly a laborious one. In terms of eligibility, players must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Possess a valid Michigan residence
  • Be geolocated within the state of Michigan — this is only a requirement to play real-money games, not one for registering with the site.

Meet those conditions, and it’s just a matter of providing the site with a few personal details, the most sensitive of which is the last four digits of player social security numbers. This is only required so that the Michigan lottery can verify and safeguard your identity, and is standard practice for all legal online gambling sites in the US.

More details on the registration process.

In addition, new players can take use the promo code MIBETS to net themselves 10 free Queen Of Diamonds online games, and a 50% match up to $100 free upon making their first real-money deposit.

Not your mother’s scratch-off ticket

Different from titles like Keno and Daily 3, the most basic instant win directs are effectively digital versions of scratch-off tickets. In fact, some like Cashword bare the same name and game mechanics as tickets sold at retail outlets throughout the state of Michigan, the only real differentiating factors being the graphical interface and other quality-of-life features unique to online.

Other Michigan Lottery instant win games are more distinctive, featuring mechanics more complex than a scratch-off. In many games match three special symbols will whisk the player away to the graphically intensive Bonus Game, where they’ll score as much cash as possible before returning to normal play. Bonus rounds are simply not at option on regular scratch-offs, but are a quintessential feature of online instant games.

That said, the winning conditions of instant wins and scratch-offs are very similar. Typically, players will be tasked with making matches, whether it be numbers, symbols, blocks or something else entirely. Match successfully and claim a prize, with the prizes themselves running the gamut from the very small (less than one unit) to jackpots of 500 units or more.

In addition, the majority of instant wins incorporate special features already familiar to scratch-off aficionados like prize multipliers and instant prize wins.

Advantages of Michigan instant lottery games

Players that frequent retail outlets to purchase scratch-offs may find that playing instant wins online is the preferable option:

  • Caters to low budget players: Want to get in on the action for as little as $0.05 a ticket? That’s simply not possible at outlet stores, where even the most basic tickets start at $1. Online, players can choose from an assortment of games with a low minimum price of entry, ranging from $0.05 – $0.50 a play.
  • High convenience factor: Thanks to online instant win games, players no longer have to make the jaunt to retail outlets to play their favorite games. Instead, they can play from any desktop computer, or iOS/Android powered tablet or smartphone device. Not only that, but thanks to one of our favorite quality-of-life features, players can uncover all “scratch” areas with just one swipe of their finger or click of their bounce.
  • Digital tech: Instant win games do more than just mimic scratch-offs; they elevate them to a whole new level. Riveting graphics and sound effects, user settings, extensive betting options, and the ability to seamlessly jump from one game to another are just a few of the advantages a digital setting affords MI iLotto players.
  • Try before you buy: All instant win games offered by the Michigan lottery are available in both real-money and demo mode. Players don’t even have to register an account to check out a game.

Game selection


  • 68 instant win games available
  • Multiple playstyles including Cashword, Form-a-Line, Multipliers, and Number/Symbol Match
  • Top prizes of up to $240,000
  • Minimum ticket starting at $0.05
  • Maximum ticket up to $10

The Michigan online lottery offers a more diverse and expansive selection of games than many other iLotto operations in the country. Choose from 51 titles spanning an array of formats, including games based directly off scratch-offs sold at brick & mortar stores, and those that offer a more dynamic interactive experience.

To give players a better feel what to expect from instant win games, we took a good look at one of the more popular games on the Michigan iLotto site: Queen of Diamonds.

Game profile: Queen of Diamonds

Featuring a regal art-style, a majestic soundtrack, and straightforward game mechanics, Queen of Diamonds is about as royal an entry level iLotto game as they come.

Before wagering, players can choose both the amount of tickets they wish to play (between three and 18) and the per ticket cost, which ranges between just $0.05 and $2. When ready, players will click “Play” and can then choose to unseal their fate slowly by clicking one card at a time, or quickly by pressing “Reveal All.”

The goal of the base game is simple: uncover the Queen of Diamonds and win the associated prize. However, the excitement lies primary in the games two bonuses, both of which afford players the chance to score a significant return on their investment, up to $60,000.

  • War Bonus: Find three Golden Cards to enter this bonus round. As the name implies, you’ll be playing a game of War, with your opponent being none other than the Queen herself. Draw a card higher than the Queen’s and win the corresponding prize. Tie and replay the round. This bonus has 20 rounds, so there are plenty of chance to foil the Queen.
  • Joker Bonus: Unveil the Joker Card on any space to trigger this bonus. Players will be sent away to a new game, where they’ll flip cards. Cards will either reveal a joker, adding to a player’s prize total, or a strike. Flip over three strikes and the bonus round comes to a close. Uncover 11 jokers before three strikes and win a whopping 10,000 units — and that’s no joke.

Many other Michigan lottery instant win games adhere to this general ideal: a base games consisting of match play, with at least one bonus round available. Other games go in totally different directions. Ultimately, it’s up to you to find games that fit your style — and given the number of games available from the instant win lobby, we have little doubt that you will.