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Motley Crue Slot Review At BetMGM: Take A Ride On The Wild Side

If you’re a fan of sleazy rock and online slots, this one certainly brings the noise




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Why am I writing this online casino slot review?

Because I’m hot, young, running free, a little bit better than I used to be. Because I’m alive. I’m a live wire.

Oh, baby. Welcome the review of Motley Crue, an online slot from Play’n GO, featured on BetMGM online casino, and the first and only slot I’ve ever played that speaks directly to me. Seriously. It’s so much fun. I normally play a slot to review it and that’s that. In this case, however? I’ve kept coming back for more time on the wild side, even sometimes ignoring the girls (girls, girls) in my life to do so. Have I mentioned I’m hot, young, running free? I may have.


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Worth noting here, and it’s very important: I grew up during Motley Crue’s heyday, can distinctly remember where I was and who I was with when I first heard the Girls, Girls, Girls and Dr. Feelgood albums, and — perhaps most importantly — I sported a mean mullet from 1988-1991.

I was, in effect, proto-Butthead. 

Gah, did I love the Crue. Sleaziest band in rock, I always thought, by way of compliment. 

And now, they have an online slot dedicated to them? Well, kickstart my heart.

The facts

It’s your more-or-less standard 5-reel, 4-row slot. Get three symbols in a row, typical stuff. Worth noting: The highest payouts are, in order, getting three or more of Nikki Sixx, followed by Tommy Lee, followed by Vince Neil and Mick Mars. It can only be imagined how that was decided. There’s also your standard A-K-Q-J.

But the real fun comes with the various bonus stuff that occurs with enough regularity to keep you playing.

First off is “Wild Side,” in which the last row turns to all wilds. If nothing goes five across for a win, then the last and second-to-last row turn wild. Nothing hits? Then the last three rows turn wild. Clearly, you want to not hit anything here and watch those wilds pile up.

Next up is “Live Wire,” where random wilds are thrown into the game for that spin.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” triggers when one or more pink-hued lips appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Each one is attached with a multiplier. Get those lips on the three reels, win the added-up multiplier of your original bet.

Free spins happen when you get three scatter symbols — in this case, pentagrams (duh) on reels 1, 3, and 5. You then get up to 10 free spins. And on each free spin, the “Live Wire” and “Girls, Girls, Girls” feature is active. On any free spin that doesn’t win, the “Wild Side” bonus is enabled.

Additionally, the “Kickstart My Heart” feature can be triggered on any “Wild Side” spin during the free spins, and can activate up to a 10x multiplier.

Look and feel

I mean, yes. It’s Motley Crue in all its ’80s glory. There’s video from “Girls, Girls, Girls.” When the pentagram symbols hit, they hit with a metallic thud. 

But the best part? The soundtrack. “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Wild Side,” and “Live Wire” run on a continuous loop. So it’s like listening to Motley Crue and gambling at the same time. My 17-year-old self is delighted.

The results

I don’t even know, I played way too much. But I definitely hit a few huge wins during the bonus round, and the pace of extras keeps you wanting more.

If you’re a Crue fan with a little gamble in you, this slot will keep you entertained for days. 

Oh, I should mention: There is no bow to political correctness here. It’s a little … well, I suppose “misogynistic” is the word, but, you know, so were the ’80s, so there you go. There’s your warning.