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Michigan Woman Wins $327,985 After Forgetting To Check Lottery Numbers

Better late than never for Montgomery County Fantasy 5 player




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A 64-year-old Michigan woman walked into a Family Fare supermarket in Lewiston this month and purchased a Fantasy 5 lottery ticket, as she does quite often. 

A few days later, she was at the same store, prepared to make the same purchase, when she realized the jackpot had reset — meaning someone had won — and she had failed to check her last ticket.

“I usually check the winning numbers every morning, but for this drawing I completely forgot to check my ticket,” the woman, who prefers anonymity, said in a Michigan Lottery press release. “When I was at the store a few days later, I saw the Fantasy 5 jackpot had reset, and I was bummed since it was starting to get big. That’s when I remembered I hadn’t checked my ticket, so I went to scan it on the lottery machine.”

Good thing she did, as she soon realized she was the one whose ticket carried the five winning numbers and earned a $327,985 jackpot, which she plans to invest. (Smart!)

“As soon as the message came up saying to file a claim at the lottery office, I knew I was the big winner,” she said. “I called my friend right away to tell her the good news. Winning the lottery is still sinking in, but now that I am here claiming my prize, it’s starting to feel a lot more real.”

Photo: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images