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‘Gold Fish Feeding Time! Treasure’ At BetMGM Casino Scores Two Sprinkles Of Fun

An easy, deep-seasy slot filled with fish, frivolity, and funky tunes




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'Gold Fish Feeding Time! Treasure' At BetMGM Casino

Whitey, the last goldfish I owned, went belly-up after the kid in our apartment complex that we hired to feed it while we were away on vacation forgot to do so.

And while that’s a sad way to start this (pun alert!) tale, also know this: That was 20 years ago, so I’m over it. Also related to the “20 years ago” bit: I’m not sure it’s politically correct to name your pet goldfish “Whitey” anymore, but I stand by it, as the fish was indeed white.

Anyway, goldfish — they’re cool. And “Gold Fish Feeding Time! Treasure” (don’t shoot the editor; that’s the way the game is titled) is an SG Digital exclusive over at BetMGM Michigan Casino.

As you might imagine, it’s goldfish-themed. Let’s dive in (groan), shall we?

The facts

It’s a 5×5 slot with a middling 95.89% expected return. Spins can be had for as little as 20 cents and as much as $20.

There are three colors of goldfish – red, green, and gold — and each one can sometimes take up an entire vertical row of reels. (Hey, another pun! Who knew a miniature review of a Michigan online casino could be so fun?!).

There are wilds that replace everything except the big fish referenced above. There are also fish feeder symbols – red, green, and gold – and if they land on the reels singly or together, congratulations, you get to watch the corresponding fish get fed and grow. This eventually causes the bowl to smash open and you get the corresponding fish bonus (no word on what happens to the smashed-open fish).

The bonus takes the form of free spins, and there are also tons of wilds and multipliers that can be unlocked during the free spins. There are also mini, minor, major, and grand bonuses that are triggered by the coins appearing on the reels.

Sound and look

Gold Fish Feeding Time

First off, the music is awesome. It gives off a real mid-1960s jazzy lounge vibe. You can totally picture Don Draper ordering a fourth martini to share with his third mistress. It’s a delight. I’d download it to my Spotify account if I could.

The graphics are kinda whatever, just a bunch of fish and turtles and nets and blue ocean background. Inoffensive, I’d say.

But have I mentioned the music? It’s a delight.

The results

I gave it 50 spins at 20 cents a pop, and wouldn’t you know? I came out $3.48 ahead.


I won $3.75 on a single spin – a lot of green fish – and I also managed to break the green fish’s bowl, which yielded eight free spins and a bunch of wilds and multipliers within the spins, taking home $8.04 for my troubles.

Good news: The green fish survived – nay, thrived – after his bowl broke, and the bonus round music was a hepped-up ditty, also of the lounge variety. Another banger, as the kids say.

Overall? A fun, easy slot that is filled with fish, frivolity, and funky tunes. No complaints from this corner of the bowl. Swim on, brutha.