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Golden Nugget Video Slot Is A Boring Name, But A Fun Game

It may be the least creative name in the history of history, but the music sets quite a mood




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Golden Nugget video slot

I can just imagine the marketing meeting where they discussed the Golden Nugget online casino and the titling of its signature slot …

BARRY: We need a good name for this slot. Something to really reel ‘em in.

HAROLD: Heh-heh, you said “reel.”

BARRY (gives Harold a sideways glance): Yeah. But really, we need something catchy, something to grab attention, something to really zhuzh it up.

HAROLD: I have nothing. I mean, it’s a slot, and it’s online, which is kind of like video, and we’re the Golden Nugget and —

BARRY (leaps from his chair, grabs Harold, kisses him on the cheek): Eureka! That’s it! You did it, Harold!

HAROLD (incredulous): Huh?

BARRY: We’ll call it the Golden Nugget Video Slot!

HAROLD: We will?

BARRY: Yes! It’s perfect! It’s the Golden Nugget Video Slot!

And scene. (Now let’s watch some Mad Men, because I think Barry would’ve been awesome on it.)

But yes: That’s the name of this slot, this exclusive slot to Golden Nugget. It’s literally titled, “Golden Nugget Video Slot.”

And it’s awesome, specifically for one reason we’ll get to later, but first …

BARRY: Hey! Who are you? Get outta here!

… let’s make like a tree and leave and get down to brass tacks, shall we?


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The facts

At its core, Golden Nugget Video Slot is your basic slot. Get three, four, or five of something in a row, win some money. The most lucrative symbol on the 5×3 slot (oh, it’s a 95.3% RTP, and 95.6% if you play the Golden Bet feature, more on that later) is the slot machine, followed by the roulette wheel, then dice, then cards, and then the A-9 cards.

You can win a free spin bonus — get three, four, or five bonus symbols, win 15, 20, or 25 free games. 

But the key feature is the Golden Bet side bet, in which (for either 40% more or double your stake) you can turn the cards, dice, and roulette symbols to wilds, and when you double your stake the slot machine symbol will also turn to wilds. Please note they don’t automatically become wilds; first, a wild has to appear on the reels somewhere, and then all the adjacent symbols will turn wild.

And that’s pretty much it. Fun, but not earth-shaking. 

So what’s the awesome part?

Look and feel

The music. Oh baby. It’s the music.

So this slot, when you first log on, the home screen is a slot room. You see the back of a chair and a slot machine. 

And then you enter it and it takes you to the slot. Nothing fancy.

But then the music starts, and you may as well be in Las Vegas, 1962. Big band, big horns, propulsive jazzy swing. All that’s missing is Dean Martin whispering a joke in your ear while Frank Sinatra chats up the hostess. Seriously: If Golden Nugget could figure out how to turn my phone into a cigarette and my bottle of water into a Jack-and-Coke, they’d really have a winner.

I cannot stress this enough: The music makes the game. So much so, I’ll even link to a video of a guy playing the slot just so you can hear the music. Ba-duh-ba!

The results

Well, I zero’d out, because I was having trouble uploading documents to Golden Nugget — can we please stop with this uploading documents thing already? — but I played the demo reel and hit the bonus on my second spin, which is … nice?

Regardless, it’s a simple mindless slot, there is the potential for a big win if you hit the bonus (and are playing the Golden Bet), and so help me Sammy Davis Jr., that music takes you all the way back to a time and place you never were, but have only seen in movies. 

I’d buy the soundtrack, that’s for sure.