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Gold Blitz Online Slot At FanDuel Brings Lightning And Potential For Big Prizes

Gold Blitz, from Fortune Factory Studios, has numerous ways to win big money




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Gold Blitz from Fortune Factory Studios is an online slot game that does feature gold, but it does not feature bruising behemoths busting through the offensive line on their way to a sack.

Nor does it feature a 1940s German bombing campaign against England.

Truthfully, I can’t tell you where the “blitz” term comes in when it comes to this game — played on FanDuel — but I can tell you this much: There are enough ways to win while playing this slot that you might feel like you get bombed with some behemoths. Or something to that effect. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The facts

This is a 6×4 slot, and you can line up your winning symbols diagonally as well as across, yielding 4,096 different ways to cash out of this game, which features a reasonable 96% RTP.

And for those 4,096 ways, the symbol that pays the highest is the golden dollar symbol, at 5x for getting six across. Next up are the gold bars and the gold coins, both paying 2.5x going across. The gold bell and gold horseshoe get you 2x, the ace-king nets you 1.5x, the queen-jack comes in at 1.2x, and the nine and 10 get you your money back for collecting six across. Wild symbols are … wild. And they say “wild.” No mistaking it.

At any rate, if the above sounds like chump change it’s because … well, it’s because the real money comes in the various bells and whistles. 

For starters, there’s the “collect symbol,” which is simply a lightning bolt and can appear either in reel one or reel six. By itself, it’s worthless. But when jackpot prizes appear on the spin, they all get collected. For instance, get a jackpot prize of 20 cents, $1, and $2 along with the lightning bolt, collect $3.20. Get those same prizes without a lightning bolt? No jackpot for you.

In addition to the numerical cash prizes, you can also win the minor (25x), major (250x) or mega (2500x) jackpot prizes.

Next up are the scatter symbols, which are spelled out on the reels as “bonus.” Collect three of them, and you get a choice: either eight free spins, or two spins in blitz mode, where the lightning bolt is guaranteed to appear. Get four bonus symbols, you get either 12 free spins or three blitz spins. Five bonus symbols nets 20 free spins or five blitz spins, and six symbols yields 30 free spins or seven blitz spins.

Additionally, in the free spins mode, a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier is randomly generated for each spin, and getting additional “bonus” symbols will result in more free spins.

Lastly, if you don’t feel like sticking around and waiting to hit the bonus, you can just pay your way into the bonus round. You can buy four scatter symbols for 75x, five scatter symbols for 120x, or six bonus symbols for 150x.

Look and feel

There are lots of blues and golds, very colorful, very poppy, and when you get two bonus symbols — or a minor, major, or mega symbol — the reels slow down and the screen goes into close-up mode. You can hold your breath hoping something good will happen (spoiler alert: in my case, nothing good happened).

The other interesting feature about this slot is the musical choice. It’s pretty much heavy metal, sorta. It reminded me most of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Do with this information what you will.

The results

Not great, Bob.

I lost, then lost some more, and kept spinning, hoping to hit the bonus, which I didn’t. Hey, you win some, you lose some, that’s life, whaddya gonna do. (What you shouldn’t do is go chase your losses at the live blackjack table. Trust me on this one. Trust. Me.)

Overall, it’s an exciting slot to play. The chances for a big win are there on every spin, and while I didn’t capture a big prize, I did get to rock out for a bit, so at least I had that going for me.