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Ghostbusters Triple Slime Brings The 1980s To BetMGM

It’s been nearly 40 years since the movie, and the ectoplasm is still running green




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I’m gonna say it right here, right now: Ghostbusters was overrated.

I know. Practically sacrilegious to say so. I was 13 when it came out, and I guess there were parts I liked. And I really love, to this day, the “Biblical proportions” bit. But overall? Whatever. 

I’m so whatever about it that I never bothered with the sequels. Or cartoons. Or novels. Or comic books. Or assorted other tie-ins. I guess I’m in the minority. Oh well.

But you know what I did love, and continue to love to this day? Ray Parker Jr.’s theme song. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! And the video … oh boy.

Seriously, the song is a synth bomb. It’s like the audio version of 1984. And the cameos! Chevy Chase, Danny DeVito, Irena Cara, Carly Simon, Peter Falk? Come on! Here’s a fun fact: The actress in the video, Cindy Harrell, was married to Alan Horn, the former chairman of Walt Disney Studios. (Full disclosure: I typed “here’s a fun fact” about Cindy Harrell before I even Googled her, and her marriage is the most interesting thing I could find. Sorry.)

Oh, yeah, this is supposed to be an online slot review. Let’s get it on, eh?


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Today, we’re talking about Ghostbusters Triple Slime from IGT, a BetMGM exclusive, and it follows a basic rule I’ve found in my long* and storied** career of doing slot reviews: The more entertaining the title, the more difficult it is to explain in words. (*It’s been like a year, on and off.) (**Not storied. At all. The Pulitzer Prize board need not wait up.)

The facts

For starters, this one ain’t cheap. The smallest wager is 50 cents, so there’s that. It’s also unclear what the RTP is, as I couldn’t find it anywhere in the fine print.

The game also features a “MultiWay Xtra” feature, which means if you get more than one symbol in the same column, the win gets multiplied. It’s a formula. It’s confusing. But the wins, I found, were generally as much as the spin, so that’s nice.

Obviously, you’re looking to get three or more symbols in a row and such, but the big money comes in the bonus rounds, of which there are two different types. One I understand, because I hit it, and the other, well … I mean, I’m sure it’s wonderful.

First up is the Triple Slime Bonus. You get this when three or more bonus symbols appear anywhere on the spin. Then you’re taken to a screen with 12 ghosts, and you choose as many ghosts as bonus symbols currently in your possession.

After selecting said ghosts, it’s revealed that they open up either red, purple, or green wheels. The purple and green are win values, the red are multipliers. Basically, you get to spin a Wheel of Fortune-type series of wheels and things start adding up. Please note that this is the one bonus round I actually understand.

The other bonus is the Slimer Scatter Bonus, which also involves some wheels and coin values and I swear I can’t figure it out based on the given instructions. 

I know that last bit was unhelpful, but you’re just looking for three of those green slimer guys and you’ll win some moolah. So that’s nice. Not quite mass hysteria, but nice.

Look and feel

It’s a lovely slot, with all the colors we’ve come to associate with Ghostbusters. Lots of ectoplasmatic greens and purples and such.

But the big winner here is, again, the song, which is constantly playing with every spin. And once that tune enters your brain, forget it — you just want to keep hearing it. 

The results

Hey, I won! Hit that triple slime bonus on my first spin and then kind of puttered around for the next few minutes. It’s a fun slot, no question about it, and — whether you like the movie or not — it definitely has that 1980s feel to it, which, for a certain segment of the population, is always going to be a winner.