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Adventures Of Captain Blackjack Offers Pretty Standard Pirate Booty

Unleash the Kraken, where you can win the mini, minor, major, or mega prize




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The first thing you need to know about Adventures of Captain Blackjack, a 2022 slot title from Digital Gaming Corporation and available at BetMGM Casino and DraftKings Casino, is that there is no actual blackjack being played. Don’t expect to spin the wheel and then decide what to do if you get a soft 17, in other words.

It is, however, a pirate-themed slot machine, which is exciting if you’re located in Michigan and — aaaaargh! — into pirates.

It’s also exciting if you, like me, prefer your slots to allow for big wins on every spin. And Captain Blackjack delivers on that score, with the Kraken Wheel, Skull Cave free spins, a multiplier feature, and bonuses available for winners.

The breakdown

Adventures of Captain Blackjack is a five-reel, three-row slot with 20 lines, and getting three in a row of anything wins you a few bucks. Of course, it’s the potential for bigger payouts that give us landlubbers hope for this title, which is available at several Michigan online casinos.

The Kraken Wheel: Collect some coins and unleash the Kraken, where you can win the mini, minor, major, or mega prize – up to 5000X your stake.

Skull Cave Free Spins and other stuff: You can get free spins and multipliers. Trying to explain it here will exhaust me. Just trust me, m’kay?

The gameplay

I took my $10 over to the mobile DraftKings app and gave the game 50 spins at 20 cents a pop, the smallest amount allowed. It took me less than four minutes to run through my spins, and … I got no bonus games, no Kraken wheel, no Skull Cave free spins.

In short, I got bupkis. But I only lost $1.12 for my troubles, so not too terrible. I won on 14 of the 50 spins, with the biggest win at $1.60.

I did get two on the first two wheels. This slowed the game down, apparently to increase the excitement — which it did. I mean, whaddya want? I’m human.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, it was standard. Press the button, watch the wheels spin. You could tempt fate by hitting the button a second time to stop the spinning. I didn’t do that. Why tempt fate?

The graphics

The game’s graphics are pretty cool if you’re into pirates and stuff. Also: The pirate girls are attractive.

On this note, what’s the deal with attractive cartoon characters in slot games? Am I supposed to play more because there are pretty cartoons staring back at me? If that’s the psychology behind it, we’re entirely screwed as a species. There’s your sociological statement of the day. Carry on.