New Games, And A Searchable Database Of Winners Hit The Michigan Lottery

There are new goodies aplenty at the Michigan online lottery. Not only did the operator unveil two new instant win games, but it has gone live with a new and improved version of its Big Winners database.
Lucky 7s Michigan Online Lottery

Online lottery players from Michigan may notice a few changes to the lottery’s main page this week, in the form of two new online instant win games and a new feature that will allow players to see who’s been hitting it big.

7’s galore

The two new products are both themed around lucky number 7.

Shocking 7’s

Shocking 7’s is an electrifying instant win game featuring myriad bonuses and a great deal of wagering options. Players start off by selecting the number of tickets, ranging from 10 – 35, and the ticket cost. Individual tickets cost as little as $0.05 and up to $2, which is a large enough range to satiate both casual player and high-roller alike.

In order to win at the base game, players must simply find a “7”. Doing so will allow them to win the prize for that ticket. As an added perk, several tickets will have prize multipliers affixed to them. Land a “7” on a multiplier spot and win the prize times the multiplier amount.

Even losing tickets have a chance to help your cause. That’s because on each ticket there’s a chance for one or more volts to appear. Collect seven volts in total and be whisked away to the Bonus Wheel. It’s from this special interface that the excitement really begins.

The Bonus Wheel consists of three wheels, with innermost wheels harboring the best prizes. Players get the ball rolling by clicking “Spin,” upon which the outermost wheel will take a turn. There are four possible outcomes:

  • If the wheel stops on a multiplier amount, win an amount equal to your ticket cost times the multiplier amount (e.g. $2 x 3x = $6). Spin again.
  • If the wheel stops on an arrow, move to the next inner wheel and take another turn.
  • Should the wheel land on a Power Surge Bonus or Cash Current Bonus symbol, players will be treated to yet another bonus round. The Cash Current icon only appears on the middle wheel, while there is just a solitary Power Surge symbol on the innermost wheel.
  • The only unfavorable symbol is the hand icon, which ends the bonus round and shoots players back to the main game.

Of the two mini-games, we were particularly taken with Cash Current. In this game, players are given three charges. Then, they spend a charge in exchange for 0 – 5 moves (determined randomly) along the current. The further you move, the bigger the prize multiplier, up to 1,500x.

Players can also land on a battery symbol, refreshing one of their charges. Nothing beats a second chance.

Fruity 7×7

Although it shares the numerical theme as Shocking 7’s, Fruity 7×7 is about as different as it gets. Instead of lightning bolts, players are treated to a fruit theme spanning lemons, bananas, coconuts, and other healthy eats.

Still, the overarching goal is the same, and that’s to win money.

In this instance, players will choose their ticket cost, ranging from $0.50 to $10, before the game begins.

Then, they’ll be asked to either choose seven spots from 12 possible mystery spots, or have the computer choose their selections for them. Each chosen selection will unveil a fruit. The fruit will then be paired up (no pun intended) against a 7×7 grid, with each row and column assigned a prize value. Match all seven fruits on a line and win that prize. Multiple prizes can be won.

There is no bonus game, and tickets can only be purchased one at a time, so this is definitely a more relaxing, casual-friendly game than Shocking 7s. But with a 1 in 3.3 chance to win and a $100,000 grand prize, it can be just as exhilarating.

Big winners is back

Ever wonder if your neighbor, friend, or someone in your town recently won a jackpot? Well thanks to the return of the new and improved Big Winners feature on the Michigan iLotto website, now you can.

The Big Winners database enables players to filter across a variety of metrics, including:

  • Date range
  • Games
  • City
  • Prize amount

In return, players will be able to view recent jackpot winners in accordance with the filters enabled. For instance, a quick search of $1 million+ jackpots reveals that just this week, one lucky winner purchased a $150,000,000 Payout ticket from a Pairs Food Store in Oak Park, Michigan and walked away $4 million richer.

The patron paid just $30 for the ticket — that’s quite the parlay.


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