Multitudes Of Michigan Lottery Players To Become Multi-Millionaires, As Super Raffle And Other Drawings Close In

Super Raffle, which will award a $4 million grand prize, goes off tonight. Mega Millions reaches $400 million for just the fourth time in 2018.
Super Raffle Drawing

From the much-anticipated Super Raffle drawing, to a rapidly growing Mega Millions jackpot and new online games, it’s high time for Michigan lottery players, with more opportunities to score some truly life-changing prizes than we’ve witnessed in some time.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in our immediate radar.

Super Raffle drawing

The time has finally come for Michigan’s Super Raffle drawing, which had been delayed to allow the sale of the final tickets. The expanded time was more than was necessary, as the remaining tickets sold out in the first week of the two week extension, and now on the evening of October 3 winners will be determined for nearly $12 million in prizes, with three lucky players becoming instant millionaires.

The grand prize comes in at a cool $4 million.

Online opportunities


The Michigan Lottery has not announced any new promos yet, no doubt still focused on finishing out the Super Raffle.

For now, it has been announced that the existing Doubler Days promotion will be extended until the end of October, meaning Club Keno tickets have a chance to have their winning values automatically doubled. This also applies to the Kicker and Extra prizes beyond the base winnings, and means the maximum win on a single Club Keno ticket can be up to $4 million.

New seasonal game

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Michigan Lottery has made its newest online instant game Halloween Legends.

This is a collect-style game, with an unusual and rather complicated gameplay scheme. It is played on a six-by-six tile grid filled with monster faces and instant prizes. Two dice are rolled, a white die and a black die, with the values of each providing an x and a y coordinate.

The determined tile is collected, along with any adjacent matching monster faces. Additional tiles then drop down from above the screen.

The player has five rolls to collect enough faces to redeem a prize, get three glowing faces to unlock a bonus game, or hit an instant prize value.

The extremely rare bonus game features a field of glowing jack o’lanterns to click on, which either award a cash prize or end the game.

The game is very slow, which some players will find boring. Also, the dice feature may be just an illusion for show, as the prize outcomes appear to be pre-determined from the beginning: play enough times and the seemingly random monster patterns are repeated.

Halloween Legends ticket prizes run from $0.25 – $5.00 per, with odds of winning 1 in 3.59.

Progressive possibilities

Michigan has also announced a new retail Fast Cash game, 100X The Cash. Unlike most instant games purchased in retail locations which take the form of scratch cards, Fast Cash tickets are immediately printed by the retailer without limitations. All games have a chance to win a percentage of a shared progressive jackpot, currently valued at time of writing at about $400,000.

The upcoming $20 game is an escalation of the format, offering a potential win of the full 100% of the current progressive jackpot, with an additional $250,000 added on top.

Currently Fast Cash games are only available from retailers, and no equivalent game exists for the online lottery. But the idea of a shared progressive jackpot for online instant games has huge potential, and could likely be a major draw if the Michigan Lottery eventually decides to pursue it.

Mega Millions again growing massive

Since there was no winner of Tuesday night’s drawing, the Friday Mega Millions jackpot is going to be estimated at over $405 million. This marks the fourth time this year that Mega Millions has crossed the $400 million line.

While several Michigan residents often win smaller prizes (if $1 million can be considered small) in Mega Millions, and occasionally even jackpots in the tens of millions, no jackpot worth more than $100 million has been taken by a player from Michigan since 2010.

It’s also worth noting that the Wednesday evening Powerball drawing is also growing quite high, currently estimated at $229 million.

For in-state draw games, the Fantasy 5 jackpot has again reset, and will only be for $105,000 on Wednesday, but the Lotto 47 has been steadily growing and is now at $8.8 million.

Recent winners

Last week the state School Aid Fund was the winner of an unexpected bonus, as the missing $1 million unclaimed Powerball ticket expired. This is not a massive windfall, since overall lottery players won nearly $40 million last week, meaning the schools were already benefitting by about $18.5 million, but a little extra money for education is always good.

In other news, one lucky women in Leelanau county managed to score a $500,000 win on a $10 Platinum Wild Time scratch ticket. Also, a man from Wayne County and his wife will be enjoying the top prize of $1,000 a week from a Win for Life instant game.


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