Michigan Lottery Pays Out A Fantastic Fantasy Win, Shattering Old Record

Fantasy 5, from the Michigan lottery, paid out its largest jackpot ever. Two new instant win game launch on the state's online lottery site.
Volcano MI iLottery

Michigan’s immensely popular lottery continues to provide large jackpots to lucky winners even as additional games continue to be added.

Most notably in August was an anonymous player cashing in a $1 Fantasy 5 ticket resulting in a $894.666 jackpot, the largest in the history of the game. The win surpassed the previous record of $840,000 set over seven years ago.

Other winners

Another significant win was the story of a woman from Westland who won two separate $50,000 prizes on Powerball tickets purchased by mistake. It seems the lucky winner meant to buy a single multi-draw ticket but instead got six separate single tickets for the August 8th drawing, resulting in her $100,000 reward. Also noteworthy is that she did not realize the mistake until logging into her account, helpfully illustrating another major perk of the online system which prevents such a windfall from going unnoticed.

Additionally, three individuals have already won trips to Las Vegas through the Golden TIcket II Billion Dollar Challenge. There are still 12 remaining trips available through the Willy Wonka-inspired contest: the next drawing of three winners will be on Tuesday, August 28th.

Online additions

Currently the Michigan Lottery is mostly focused on promoting their new hit retail scratch-off, Super Raffle. And with good reason: the 300,000 tickets printed include three multi-million dollar winners, two worth $2 Million and one with the grand prize of $4 million. Still, the online lottery has not been neglected, recently gaining two new instant games- Volcano and Fruity Cubes.

Volcano is a collect-style game modeled as a falling block puzzle, in which 54 spaces are populated by random tiles. Grouping five of more like tiles results in their destruction, yielding prizes and also causing the above tiles to fall into a new position, allowing the possibility of chain-reaction wins. There are also tiles that result in free bonus spins, and a chance to unlock one of two bonus games, The Treasure Totem and Hot Lava. The Treasure Totem is a simple random prize, while Hot Lava allows you to build a tower of smaller prizes until you cause an eruption ending the bonus. So, in essence, the game is Cash Buster Extreme with different graphics.

Tickets cost from $0.10 to $10, odds of winning are 1 in 3.83 with a maximum prize of $100,000.

Fruity Cubes is a line game in which you must match three symbols in a row of five, but you are forced to play either 10 or 20 tickets at a time, basically making this akin to playing multiple simultaneous pulls of identical 1-payline slot machines. Tickets are $0.05 to $2, which in reality translates to $1-$40 per game. Odds of winning are 1 in 38.03, but this is per line so it works out to winning slightly more than once every other pull, albeit often for far less than you paid to play. There is also a chance to unlock a bonus game where you juice fruit to fill glasses.

Maximum prize is $20,000. Compared to Volcano, this game is the less satisfying of the two.

Rising jackpots

With the record-breaking Fantasy 5 win out of the way, the jackpot has reset to its starting jackpot of $100,000. Things are a bit more promising for Lotto 47, which is up to more than $5 Million for its Saturday night drawing on August 25th.

In multi-state games, the next Powerball will be on Saturday for about $70 Million. The Mega-Millions drawing on Friday night, August 24th, is faring even better with a jackpot of about $118 Million.


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