Detroit Lions Fans Are Rooting For Matthew Stafford To Win The Super Bowl

Perhaps no one in Michigan is more excited than A.J. Ferenz
Detroit Lions quarterback

There’s a Detroit Lions fan on Twitter — guy’s name is A.J. Ferenz — and he was … well, he was pretty happy when the Los Angeles Rams beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

Instead of describing his joy, perhaps this tweet below will demonstrate how happy he was.

Yeah. He was … happy. 

And he got even happier when Rams fans caught wind, and when they started a GoFundMe to get him and his girlfriend, Karlee Hallberg, out to Los Angeles to see the Rams take on the 49ers in the conference championship. That led to the Rams organization stepping in and sporting for the flight, hotel, transportation, jersey, hats, shirts, the whole thing, which led to … well, which led to Matthew Stafford recording a personal note to Ferenz.

Let’s the record state A.J. and Karlee had a delightful time in La-La-land. (And the $4,500 raised in the GoFundMe was then distributed to other fans looking for tickets.)

“It was an unreal experience,” Ferenz, 24, told MI Bets. “We took so many pictures, and we  didn’t have to think about buying a beer. Rams fans were awesome. It was crazy. I felt like an A-list celebrity. I couldn’t walk two feet without someone asking for my autograph.”

The Muskegon County resident has been a diehard Lions fan since before he can remember, and a huge Stafford fan. As a result, he is rooting hard for Stafford to raise the Lombardi Trophy.

And it’s not just Ferenz — many diehard Lions fans (and Lions players) are rooting for Stafford to complete his run and win the Super Bowl.

“I’d say 90 percent of Lions fans are rooting for him,” Ferenz said. “How could you not, unless you hated him when he was here. But he did so much for the city of Detroit, played through so many injuries. … Everyone is pulling for him.”

Stafford prop city

As a result, you can be sure plenty of Stafford fans will be scouring the sportsbooks for some quarterback props.

DraftKings is offering a market on the exact number of touchdowns Stafford is going to toss. Zero is at +800, a single score is +300, a pair is at +275, three is set at +250, and four or more — which would undoubtedly result in another video from Ferenz — is at +550.

There is also a “longest completion” prop, which is set at 38.5 for Stafford on DraftKings, with -122 being the over. A little pricey, that one.

The over/under on Stafford passing attempts is set at 36.5, with FOX Bet offering the best odds: -110 on either side.

On the completion side of the ledger, Stafford’s number is pegged at 24.5, with Caesars and BetMGM offering the over at even money.

The over/under passing touchdown market for Stafford allows for choice. Over 1.5 is at -210 at Caesars, while over 2.5 is +160 at BetRivers.

As for yardage, 281.5 seems to be the consensus, with FanDuel offering -110 on either side.

Think Stafford will sneak one in? That’s a +900 longshot at BetMGM.

Of course, there are about 43.3 million other ways to bet this game. Ferenz, for one, would be happy if they were all winners for those betting on the Rams — and especially the quarterback they acquired last year — to do anything good.

“I love Stafford,” Ferenz said. “I was 12 when he came to Detroit. He’s my childhood quarterback.”

Photo: Raj Mehta/USA TODAY


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