Michigan Lottery Players Have Defied Superstition On Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th may be associated with misfortune, but for some Michigan online lottery players there has been no luckier day.
Black Cat Friday The 13th Michigan Online Lottery

Friday the 13th is a day traditionally associated with misfortune and bad luck  — not exactly two words gamblers want anything to do with.

Yet, the luck Michigan lottery players have enjoyed on the unofficial holiday defies the notion that they’re best off taking a breather. If anything, Friday the 13th has been an exceptional day for players hailing from the Wolverine State, with mammoth prizes won by several players throughout the years.

And this year, even the runup to the 13th has proven quite lucrative, at least for a select few.

Nothing frightening about this list of recent winners

Several Michiganders have enjoyed particularly good luck in the building to this Friday the 13th. Most notably one man from Houghton Lake won the aptly named Lucky For Life game. The retired 69-year-old opted to take the instant value of $390,000 instead of the $25,000 annuity each year for the rest of his life, hoping to take his wife on a fantastic vacation. This was the 19th time the lifetime prize has been won from Lucky for Life.

Wayne County players saw a pair of recent big prizes. One man won $1.3 Million in last weekend’s Lotto 47 drawing. Lotto 47 players must match six numbers to win the grand prize. However, because there are far fewer numbers to choose from compared to Powerball and Mega Millions, the odds of scoring a big prize are enhanced. Lotto 47 is available for both retail and online purchase.

If that weren’t already enough, a family lottery club cashed in the maximum $500,000 prize on a holiday Treasure Tree scratch-off purchased for a Christmas party this past winter.

Macomb County also boasts two significant wins, with one woman winning $221,000 in this Sunday’s Fantasy 5 drawing and another woman taking $190,000 from The Jack, a popular add-on to Michigan’s Club Keno game.

If this is bad luck then there is definitely no reason to avoid lottery games this week.

Mega Millions and beyond

The multi-state Mega Millions has been reported as a particularly good game for this infamous calendar date. At least four Michigan residents have hit jackpots on Mega Millions on Fridays the 13th in previous years, with total wins topping $171 million.

In particular the most recent previous Friday the 13th was this last October, which saw a Mega Millions jackpot shared by two individuals from Michigan and Rhode Island. In addition 31 other Michigan players have won substantial Friday the 13th prizes ranging from $10,000 to $1 million.

The current Mega Millions prize is still rebuilding following the recent massive $533 million win in New Jersey, but since there was no winner of Tuesday night’s drawing this Friday the 13th will see a possible jackpot of about $55 million (with a cash value of ~$33 million).

If that does not pan out, then the next Powerball drawing on Saturday the 14th will be even more appealing: the expected jackpot is up to $106 million (cash value $63.7 million).

Both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets can be purchased at player convenience online. Players can use the exclusive promo code ONLINE10 to win 10 free online spins just for signing up. Those willing to take it up a notch will receive a 50% match up to $100 on their first deposit.


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