A $5,000 Bet On Heads In Super Bowl Coin Toss Roils ‘Tails Never Fails’ Crowd

FanDuel reported a $5,000 bet on heads for the Super Bowl coin toss, much to the dismay of believers of "tails never fails."
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One bettor on FanDuel Sportsbook apparently isn’t a believer in the popular phrase “tails never fails.”

The Michigan sportsbook, which launched less than two weeks ago, said on Twitter that it took a $5,000 bet on heads in the coin toss for the upcoming Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Bucs. It’s one of many Super Bowl prop bets available for the big game, the pinnacle of the sports betting calendar.

The payout for the wager if the coin toss lands on heads? $9,850. In other words, there’s $150 in rake on that $5,000 bet. We’ll leave it to the reader to formulate an opinion on whether that is a fair rake on a 50-50 proposition. There are also taxes on the winnings …

Unsurprisingly, bettors on social media took the bet to task. Why? Because tails never fails, as the saying goes. It actually does fail, but who can resist the catchy little gambling phrase? FanDuel was aware of this, as the book wrote “HEADS” in all caps, as if it was also surprised the gambler didn’t take tails here.

“I’ve played enough 90s Madden to know that it’s hard to bet against tails,” one Twitter user wrote.

Regulated sportsbooks across the country are expected to see a slight majority of the coin toss handle going on tails (though there could be exceptions).

Coin toss a betting staple for the game

Long before online sports betting swept the country, Las Vegas bookmakers took action on the coin toss. However, in this era of mobile betting it appears the coin toss is a more popular prop that it has ever been.

“When I was running the Wynn casino and I would have someone plop down $20,000 on this bet … that player was a casino player who bet table games,” Johnny Avello, DraftKings director of sportsbook operations, told US Bets last year. “But why it has gained such popularity with these digital players?”

According to Avello, heads once upon a time was the more popular bet.

“When I was offering the bet in Vegas, heads was predominantly bet,” Avello said. “It has surprised me that tails is so popular. Maybe tails is an East Coast thing and heads is a West Coast thing. ‘Heads up’ is a phrase that is used every day. I think that is used more than any slogan that you could associate with tails.”

As alluded to earlier in this article, tails as the popular pick could have its origins in video gaming.


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